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Boys and Their Toys


God’s Thoughts to Me

My child, listen when your father corrects you. Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction (Proverbs 1:8, NLT).

To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction (Proverbs 12:1).


imageToday I am honored again by a special friend, Floyd Samons, who  is sharing dearly acquired wisdom from the school of life.

Floyd, thank you for all your support this year, helping me to keep my blog going when I was to ill to write. You are truly a brother of my heart.

Floyd blogs at The Regoi and I can assure you that his place is a treasure chest of wisdom and just plain good old common sense. To visit him, just click on his photo. Over to you:

Gifts from Christmas Passed


As another Christmas rolls around I, like everyone else, remember the ones from my past and especially the ones from my childhood.

I remember the presents, the food, the gratified looks on my parents faces regardless how lean the year, and the words at Christmas.

I recall the old black Bible with spider web cracks in the leather from use and age that my dad opened to Luke and read from every year before any of us impatient kids could yank a bow or rip a wrapper.


They were the words of God offered by my dad’s gentle voice. I fall into thoughts and lessons from just one of many I got from the man I miss dearly and  remember with honor at Christmas.

Money was burning a hole in my pocket, but it was my money to burn, or so I thought.

“Me and Steve want to buy a boat,” I announced to my dad.


“A boat?”

“Yeah, like a canoe only better, we can fish and stuff,” I explained.

“How you gonna get it to the lake?” my dad asked casually.

“Steve’s dad will take us out there,” I answered, trying to hide my disappointment in his lack of enthusiasm.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, son?” he answered and I knew was the beginning of a long way around the bend where we would eventually arrive at “no.”


As a last resort I threw out the desperation declaration, “It’s my money!” My dad took it in stride and while I can’t recall his exact words, I do recall they had something to do with it indeed being my money.

Yet, it was his responsibility to not let me blow it or do something that didn’t make good sense… Like buying a boat twenty miles from the lake as a freshman in high school with a football buddy as my partner…

The four hundred bucks that I’d worked for was safe and out of my complete control as I poured sweat and some blood into construction jobs in Arizona.


For the next two simmering summers I saved my money for the best thing ever in the history of the whole wide world, even better than all the Christmas gifts combined; my first car.

Add that first muscle car and the freedom that comes with it to the sweet taste of gratification that comes from earning something at great sacrifice, and a kid has the ingredients and discipline that they can use for the rest of their lives…

How does a person learn self discipline and self control if they haven’t been taught how it works? How does a person learn self respect if they don’t learn how to respect others?


I remember being so angry with my dad that my throat ached… Here’s the kicker; I knew he was right.  Even at the time of indiscreet ignorance, I knew it was, but I didn’t care about tomorrow… I wanted to live for that day.

His lesson taught me that waiting and using discipline returned dividends that taste much sweeter than quick fixes for a greedy and impatient flesh.

The lust of our flesh can’t ever truly be satisfied without wisdom from our heavenly Father to keep in check.


For now, only God knows which of us was more proud the day my dad drove my car for the first time with me riding shotgun…

Funny thing about wise people, they never have to say things like, “I told you so.” They say things like, “This is a nice car, son… I sure am proud of you…”

Wishing you and yours the best gifts and treasures this Christmas season, the kind that can’t be calculated by a number, the kinds that are stored in our minds, hearts, and eternal souls.


Merry Christmas, God bless you.


P.s. Thanks again, Floyd, you are a dear precious friend!

Sweet blessings xx


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Those Boots Are Made For Walking


God’s Thoughts to Me

Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19-20, NLT).


imageToday I am honored to introduce my friend, Floyd Samons.

I was unable to write this week and Floyd kindly agreed to write a guest post. He has a great sense of humor and I have giggled through many of his posts even when it was about a serious subject.

Floyd and his family live in Phoenix, Arizona. To visit his blog just click on his picture.


For the life of me, I can’t figure out why or how I could have been so excited, but I most certainly was. I’m talking about Disneyland type of excited. That’s the beauty of being a kid I guess: little things and first time occasions are unparalleled in life.


I can’t recall the exact occasion, but it must have been my birthday, which had to be around my sixth or seventh one. As near as I can figure, my over reaching excitement must have had to do with the games we played as kids. We loved playing Army and the terraced lots of the houses on our block made for perfect pretend bunkers, but they also worked well for our all time favorite past time, Cowboys and Indians.

I’m not sure I even knew at the time I had a small percentage of Native American blood coursing through my veins. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway, all the kids on our block took turns, but we all wanted to be on the Cowboy side of the pretend battles. It must have been my certainty that my new birthday gift would make me a “shoe in” for the full time position of “Cowboy” that had me so juiced up.


I was instantly transformed from kid into a real life Cowboy the second I slipped on those brand new tan cowboy boots with the fancy stichin’ over the toes. My parents had to be pretty stoked too, seeing what a hit my first pair of cowboy boots turned out to be. They even let me do what was off limits and forbidden for me at the time; go outside after dark…

I was so excited to show my friend Davy, who lived down the block, I just couldn’t wait for the sun of another day. After pleading with my parents for a time they gave into my unbridled excitement and turned me loose into the night.


The cool night air felt good against my face as I ran full stride down the street. I still remember thinking how cool my new boots looked as I watched them strike against the pavement while I passed under the street light poles. I could have run forever or until those boots wore out – I was just that giddy.

I continued to marvel at my new footwear as they carried me heroically through the damp California night air toward Davy’s house. It’s funny how we get so enamored with the material things of this world. Even necessities, like shoes, take on a passion or weakness all to themselves. We begin to focus so much on the things of this world that we lose sight of the big picture.


Taking our focus off the important issues in life always leads to a dead end or disaster. If we’re not watching the paths of our lives and looking out for the dangers and pitfalls, they sneak up on us. Being too smitten by possessions in our world tends to make us watch and consider how we look instead of where we’re going.

Losing sight of the big picture and eventual destination gets folks lost and sometimes hurt. I’ve learned that lesson so often in life it’s downright scary. When we seek the will of our Father, He makes our paths straight and narrow. When we take our eyes off of Him and the path He’s set us on, trouble’s not far down the road.


Just like that parked 58’ Buick that stopped me dead in my tracks the night I got my first pair of cowboy boots…

Thank you, dear Floyd, for taking the ordinary to remind us to keep our focus on eternity.

Much love and sweet blessings


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