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Tribute to Madiba


God’s Thoughts to Me

The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the Lord and against His anointed One.

“Let us break their chains,” they cry, “and free ourselves from slavery to God.”
(Psalm 2:1-3, NLT)

Two Humble Men


My country is in mourning. Thursday evening at 21:50, Tata Madiba has gone to be with His Lord! Tata, we are going to miss you! Now you know true freedom!

I wrote this post at the time when the South African Reserve Bank introduced our new set of banknotes nearly a year ago to honor this great man of boundless integrity.

I offer this post as a tribute to Madiba who lived humility, love, forgiveness and servanthood for he was a leader who always descended to the level of the person he served. He was a leader who washed the feet of his country:


This week our beautiful rainbow nation, South Africa, was blessed by the South African Reserve Bank with a new set of banknotes.

On the one side it bears the renowned image of President Nelson Mandela and the other side, South Africa’s famous Big Five: the lion, elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and the buffalo.

My husband had the privilege of visiting Madiba twice at his modest home in the small Transkei village, Qunu, on provincial government meetings.

Tata Madiba's Qunu Residence
Tata Madiba’s Qunu Residence

He was overwhelmed by this gentle man who was truly larger than life. Mr Mandela was a humble man who taught South Africa the blessedness of forgiveness and he lived the truth of considering others as more important than himself.

Being the chief of his Xhosa clan, the villagers visited him often to ask him to settle disputes amongst them as was their custom.

To show their gratitude and respect, these humble, poor folk would bless him with a chicken or a goat. He received their gifts with heartfelt thankfulness.

Traditional Xhosa Women Dancing
Traditional Xhosa Women Dancing

On a state visit to England, Madiba was the guest of Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, at Buckingham Palace where he surprised the palace household staff by making his own bed in the mornings.

When told that there was enough palace staff to do these menial tasks, he replied that it was an old Robben Island habit he had not been able to unlearn yet.

Madiba was one of only two people that did not address the Queen as “Her Majesty”, but called her by her first name and got away with it! The other one, her husband, of course!


I was always impressed by how this famous and great statesman always preferred to write with and sign documents with the cheapest pen we have in South Africa, a Bic pen.

A Jewish boy once personally delivered an invitation to Mr Mandela at his home in Houghton, Johannesburg, to attend his Bar-Mitzvah.

Although Madiba did not know this young man from a bar of soap, he graciously accepted and attended the celebrations.


During his term as the President of our country, he once queried a higher amount of money on his pay slip.When told it was his annual salary increase, he told his staff that he did not need more money for he lacked nothing.

That increase birthed the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. I am delighted that this fund is currently building the Nelson Mandela Children’s hospital.

One of his prison wardens during his imprisonment on Robben Island once told the story of how they all went together to church on Sundays for there was only this one small chapel on the island. They kneeled together and prayed together.


After his release, they stayed friends. Years later, when the warden passed away, Madiba personally went to Cape Town to attend the funeral and console the widow.

Men of his stature and integrity are few and far between and very hard to find amongst politicians and Heads-of-State. His love for his country and all South Africans went way beyond any racial issues.

It saddens me to see the once beautiful dream South Africans had for a new South Africa now lying scattered amongst the reality of political unrest, violent crime and strikes, vandalism, murder, rape, domestic violence and drug abuse.

Robben Island
Robben Island

I hope that the Mandela family hid this sad state of affairs from Madiba as far as possible while he was an old and frail man. Yet, his lion heart could never be contained through old age.

G.K. Chesterton, an English writer, once remarked,”Once abolish the God and the government becomes god.” Wise words, for man was never created with the ability to govern himself or function independently from our Pappa.

Man was created as a finite spiritual being who derives his spiritual nature either from our Lord Jesus or the prince of the world; that greedy power-hungry destroyer of humanity.

He is the father of all systems and structures where power is abused, whether it be political, economical, social or religious.


He deceives the power-hungry humanity into accepting a couterfeit security, for most people do not truly know that their Pappa loves them passionately.

Yet, Madiba was a man who was locked-up in prison for nearly a third of his life on earth. He came out and showed forgiveness in stark contrast with most of the power-hungry leaders of our continent.

What saddens me even more is the hurt and sorrow humans cause their Heavenly Father by paying allegiance to the father of all lies.

Madiba and Francois Pienaar in 1997 when South Africa won the Rugby World Cup
Madiba and Francois Pienaar in 1997 when South Africa won the Rugby World Cup

Not only do they destroy themselves, but also the beautiful creation He prepared as a gift for the crown of His creation, man! We are mostly ignorant of our folly.

Yet, He still became human just like us, He humbled Himself and paid the price for our freedom from our slavery to that cruel slave master.

In following in his Master’s footsteps, Nelson Mandela, reflected this true Picture  of humility.

Madiba as Prisoner on Robben Island

I wish we could, like the Mandela family, hide man’s foul revolt from our Pappa to save Him all that anguish, heartache and sorrow!

Much love and sweet blessings xx


This is an edited repost.
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The Flying Dutchman


God’s Thoughts to Me

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength … They will soar high on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31, NLT).

A  Voiceless World


When the crown of God’s creation was deceived in Paradise into that foul revolt, the whole world was captured by death.

Humanity was taken hostage in the clutches of the evil serpent, the one who was once the director of Heaven’s music.

The fallen morning star stole their voices, their thoughts, their minds, their will … their allegiance … their lives. Creation was locked up in a beautiful cage of deadly decay.


His emissary, the sea serpent of darkness, was sent to meet with the captain of The Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship doomed to the Cape of Good Hope.

This galleon was forever condemned to sail against the Wind of God’s breath until the Day of Judgement. This fate was kept hidden from its crew and future captives.

A devilish deal was struck when they agreed to offer humanity a phantom religious freedom as captains and sailors of their own fleet of ghost ships.


These ships sailed only in the midnight darkness of death, on the sinister winds howling with the fraudulent doctrines of demons.

They were deceived by the evangelical humanistic promises that they were able to be captains of their own souls and swallowed this satanic bait hook, line and sinker.

With foolish arrogance, they sailed the ships of their hearts into imagined riches, prosperity, heaven and independence  … flying high on the winds of deceit.


Oblivious to the insatiable whirlpools created by the murderous monsters of the seas of Finitude and Mortality, they were swallowed up alive, one by one, into eternal death.

But some of these lost souls were considered useless garbage and outcasts by the  evil one … a liability to his course of destruction.

They were the ones stricken by poverty, illness, weakness and sins too heinous to ignore … the thieves, the drunkards, murderers and prostitutes.


They were discarded with contempt as filth and excess weight into the depths of the hungry waves without even the honor of walking the plank.

But King Aslan, the Infinite Word, the Creator of all, accompanied by His angelic hosts, parted the raging storms around these drowning, despised ones and safely led them onto dry land.

The Lion of Judah tenderly unlocked the doors of their captivity, forgave their devious sins and transformed their infirmities into the wings of angels.


He became the Wind beneath their wings and steered them with the breath of His Love along the Way of Infinity.

Like eagles they soared high in the sky into the Kingdom of Light.

Much love and sweet blessings XX


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Ek Theos


Gods Thought’s to Me

Create in me a pure heart, o God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me (Psalm 51:10, NIV).

A Man after God’s own Heart

Psalm 51 is a beautiful prayer of a man who loved his Heavenly Father passionately. Even though King David was overwhelmed by his own sin, he never ran away from his Pappa. He knew the only thing he could do was to return with a broken, contrite spirit . He was convinced that he would not be despised by his Pappa. ET 1 He was far from perfect and he knew it. And God knew too! Yet, He was called a man after God’s own Heart! He even had the honor of having his name recorded in the “Hall of Faith” (Hebrews 11).

A while ago I read of this “hall” being called,”The Hall of Rogues”. Quite descriptive! Part of the reason, I believe, for this honor of being called a man after God’s own heart, was his genuine, passionate love for his Pappa.

After he was confronted by Nathan for his adultery with Bathsheba and consequent murder of Uriah, David was in a bad place … a haunted, dark, forsaken place … a place where no human has been designed and created to live. ET 2 We were created first and foremost to love and enjoy our Creator. Yet, amidst all his sin and even spiritual adultery, King David never for a moment doubted God’s love for him. He didn’t just believe mentally … he knew, literally KNEW, that he was loved unconditionally.

His sin could never cause Pappa to stop loving him, for God is love and He never changes. He loves us, Ek Theos, out of Himself … out of His character of love!

ET 3 For a long time I used to read the MRST, Mia’s Religious Striving Translation. According to this translation, Psalm 51:10 read something along these lines,”Lord, since you have forgiven my sins, please supply ME with unlimited supplies of Your power to create in me a clean heart. Please, make it sort of a double portion of power, for I also need to strive endlessly to achieve a steadfast, quiet spirit”. What a delicious recipe for a disastrous, spiritual catastrophe. ET 4 Unlike King David, I was unable to believe that my Pappa loved me unconditionally even though I tried my utmost. And I told Him so! He had to take control of that “believing” side of my life too and create in me a clean heart infused with faith upon faith upon faith as a free gift.

No amount of trying on my part could produce even an ounce of faith. One thing that I had the common sense to do though, was to be honest with my Pappa and today I realized that honesty was the first few kernels of mustard seed faith.

I cried out to Him, humbly beseeching Him to help my unbelief, for I truly believed. It sounds like a contradiction of terms and in many ways it is. But in Pappa’s economy this is the kind of faith that earns you place in the Hall of Faithless Rogues, the Hebrews’ “Hall of Faith”. ET 6 Yes, His economy is truly different than the world’s and on His stock exchange we can only trade with our brokenness, sin, unbelief and all the rags of our efforts. This is truly a sign of blessedness! Much love xx Mia

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Eden’s Delight: An Untold Story (Part 1)

God’s Thoughts to me

This is Eternal Life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent (John 17:3, NASB).

Then God planted a garden in the east, and there He placed the man He had made (Genesis 2:8, NLT).

The Treasure Hunt

This past week I have been engaged in a severe battle against that all too familiar winter foe, influenza! My mind is fighting against the heaviness and blocked stuffiness that accompany this enemy and, on top of the fibrofog, desperately seeking words to express the thoughts and ideas birthed in my heart. So, I look up to my Pappa God, the always-present one, who never leaves my side and who carries me across all life’s hurdles.

My weary soul sighs joyfully as I feel His Presence touching me tenderly as if to remind me of His love and care and my mind wanders back in time, retracing the footsteps of my life walking with God.

Suddenly, I am accutely aware of my feebleness and incapacity to love and encourage others, to lend them an undivided ear and heart, not only to hear, but to truly listen when they need to share their burdens, without fear that I will just rub salt into their wounds, trying to fix them. I am aware of my dire need to embrace suffering and trials joyfully to allow our Heavenly Father to mold and form my heart into a receptive, inviting and gentle vessel. I need Him to change me into a safe, friendly person whom others would find safe and comfortable to share their ups and downs through life’s journey, with. I, not unlike most people I know, never used to accept suffering willingly or associate trials with a God of Love. I conveniently chose to ignore our Lord’s words, “I have refined you, but not as silver is refined. Rather, I have refined you in the furnace of suffering.” (Isaiah 48:10, NLT).

I am so grateful that our Pappa, with gentle yet firm determination, has never given up on me, until He has taught me that without going through the mills of life, I will sound like Paul’s noisy gong and clanging cymbal, “Though I speak with the tongues of men and angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal” (1 Corinthians 13:1, NKJV).

To be honest, I have to admit that for a long time during my walk with our Pappa God, I have placed much more value on my performance for Him, as far as religion goes, than loving Him and others, thinking that it would make Him more inclined to love and accept me. I was wrong; very, dangerously wrong. I have come to realize that the world operates according to that principle, but definitely not our Lord, for He says, “Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. “(Romans 12:2, NLT).

This saddens me and fills my heart with an intense longing for the time before that Foul Revolt the author John Milton speaks of in his astounding work, Paradise Lost. The time when life was as our Heavenly Father intended, in all its beauty and simplicity; the time when life was void of all selfishness, greed (and all their evil bedfellows). Life without illness, pain and suffering seems like a long-forgotten dream and I long for that time when Eden was untainted by sin.

Reading the creation account in the Bible again, made me realize that in the past I could see no further than the story of God’s creative power, our first grandparents’ revolt, their fall and subsequent banishment from paradise. But this time around I could sense something different, something more meaningful and I knew, deep, deep down in my heart that an acient treasure was waiting to be discovered.

It felt as if I was going on that proverbial journey to discover that pearl of great price. Delving deeper into this story, I was immediately impressed by the fact that, although our Lord spoke everything else into being, He changed His modus operandi when He FORMED man out of clay and PLANTED the garden. They were special! I was amazed at our Pappa’s attention to even the smallest detail when He planned and planted this perfect garden. Nothing escaped His keen eye and I could almost sense His joy and pleasure as He planted all the big, sturdy trees to provide oxygen, shade and shelter, and all the other things big trees were needed for! I could sense Him limiting Himself and harnessing His great power and strengh when He planted all those thousands of plant species; from the tiniest, fragile, most delicate flower to all the big, strong, robust shrubs and groundcovers, all to provide beauty and grace to His garden.

The name Eden means love; love surpassing it’s meaning in Hebrew of pleasure, luxury, dainty delight.I rejoiced when I realised that the first provision our God blessed our first grandparents with, was a garden filled with His love and goodness; a perfect setting where they could enjoy a growing friendship, a loving relationship, without any laws or rules. This was a living, breathing, growing, loving relationship that did not need any restraints or rules to suffocate its vibrant “aliveness”, for everyone considered the other higher than him or herself. The only thing, remotely law-like, for Adam and Eve, was to be aware of their need to be completely dependent on our Pappa God.

He is fully aware that without His total provision for all their needs; spiritual, psychological and physical, His children are unable to live and to love Him in return. Adam and Eve had only one choice to decide on for themselves, to live in complete dependence on their Creator and to learn to trust His love and goodness, by choosing to eat from the Tree of Life. His desire was that their centre of reference should always be Him, as their only source of goodness and love, and for that matter, of everything else.

We are all familiar with the outcome of our Pappa God’s risk to give the first humans the freedom to choose to love Him and of their disastrous choice to rather eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve chose to live independently from their Father, with themselves being their own central reference, choosing to determine what was good and what was evil on their own. Their choice ushered the whole creation into darkness, death and separation from God. I have often wondered why He gave them that choice in the first place, knowing full well what foolish choice they would make, until I realized what a great price our God puts on the voluntary love of His children; no rote obedience will do! That was a great, great act of love on His part and, banishing them from the garden, was His provision for the human race to be reconciled to Him again, after our Lord Jesus made that possible through His death and resurrection.

Ever since that catastrophe, the human race has been trying to cover their spiritual nakedness with fig leaves, the work of their hands. These feeble efforts have accumulated through the ages into the devil’s handmaiden, religion. But our Father of love not only provided Adam and Eve with clothes from the hides of animals, but also the new life and righteousness of our Lord Jesus when He paid the price on the cross for man’s revolt. Our Pappa God has reconciled Himself to all mankind through our Lord Jesus’ sacrifice. He is again waiting for each and everyone He has ever and will still create, to come to Him, to experience His love and goodness and to walk with Him, “He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants everyone to repent” (2 Peter 3:9, NLT).

What a joy to realize that, once we return to our Pappa, our Heavenly Gardener immediately starts to plant a new garden of Eden in our hearts by first clearing the ground of all the weeds, stones, thorns and thistles and then gently and lovingly planting seeds that will flower and bloom into a new spiritual garden, producing delicious fruit for His enjoyment as well as ours and all those He chooses to love through us.

Dear ones, life happens and it is truly hard, especialy with a debillitating disease like Fm/CFS. No one, but no one, escapes that reality, yet I want to encourage you to see every new trial, every new suffering, symptom or hiccup in life as God’s loving hand, refining you into the spotless Bride of His Son, our Lord Jesus. Then we will be able to truly rejoice in our suffering.

Thank you for opening the treasure chest with me. With my next post, I would love to show you all the precious gems our Lord has hidden inside Eden for us to find.

Hugs and blessings