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Meet the Poet

I am an emotional thinker; always have been and always will be. This is a legacy I inherited from my late father. Writing poetry has always been a passion. Perhaps it allows me to voice and structure those deep and very dark thoughts that I don’t even understand myself. Sometimes my poems are truly dark; other times an ode to joy or just a love letter to our God or the people around me. I consider it an honor to share it with you

A Gift of Grace

Lord, when you grant me a gift
apprehensiveness enfolds me
why me who lacks
the courage
when denying myself
the content will be

Lord, when you grant me a gift
strengthen me with grace
in childlike faith to accept
the uncomprehending pain
the two-edged sword
that deeply cuts, devides
enabling me to see You

Lord, in all Your mercy
I humbly ask permission
to offer you my soul
imperfect and unworthy,
to the altar or your grace
for all I have to offer
is just a sinful me

A Child’s Prayer

Dear Lord
will You love me
with Your mercy?
clothe me gently
in white garments
bought by Jesus
on the cross

Dear Lord
will You love me
with Your grace?
erase the memories
of the reasons
I caused you
so much pain

Dear Lord
will You love me
with Your heart?
cause my feeble soul
to always love you
more and more
every break of day

71 thoughts on “Poetry Corner

  1. You write wonderful reading material. I really like your viewpoints outlined here and I appreciate your writing skills. Thank you for sharing your unique thoughts.

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