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The Flying Dutchman


God’s Thoughts to Me

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength … They will soar high on wings like eagles (Isaiah 40:31, NLT).

A  Voiceless World


When the crown of God’s creation was deceived in Paradise into that foul revolt, the whole world was captured by death.

Humanity was taken hostage in the clutches of the evil serpent, the one who was once the director of Heaven’s music.

The fallen morning star stole their voices, their thoughts, their minds, their will … their allegiance … their lives. Creation was locked up in a beautiful cage of deadly decay.


His emissary, the sea serpent of darkness, was sent to meet with the captain of The Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship doomed to the Cape of Good Hope.

This galleon was forever condemned to sail against the Wind of God’s breath until the Day of Judgement. This fate was kept hidden from its crew and future captives.

A devilish deal was struck when they agreed to offer humanity a phantom religious freedom as captains and sailors of their own fleet of ghost ships.


These ships sailed only in the midnight darkness of death, on the sinister winds howling with the fraudulent doctrines of demons.

They were deceived by the evangelical humanistic promises that they were able to be captains of their own souls and swallowed this satanic bait hook, line and sinker.

With foolish arrogance, they sailed the ships of their hearts into imagined riches, prosperity, heaven and independence  … flying high on the winds of deceit.


Oblivious to the insatiable whirlpools created by the murderous monsters of the seas of Finitude and Mortality, they were swallowed up alive, one by one, into eternal death.

But some of these lost souls were considered useless garbage and outcasts by the  evil one … a liability to his course of destruction.

They were the ones stricken by poverty, illness, weakness and sins too heinous to ignore … the thieves, the drunkards, murderers and prostitutes.


They were discarded with contempt as filth and excess weight into the depths of the hungry waves without even the honor of walking the plank.

But King Aslan, the Infinite Word, the Creator of all, accompanied by His angelic hosts, parted the raging storms around these drowning, despised ones and safely led them onto dry land.

The Lion of Judah tenderly unlocked the doors of their captivity, forgave their devious sins and transformed their infirmities into the wings of angels.


He became the Wind beneath their wings and steered them with the breath of His Love along the Way of Infinity.

Like eagles they soared high in the sky into the Kingdom of Light.

Much love and sweet blessings XX


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I live in a small seaside town on the south-east coast of South Africa. I suffer from fybromyalgia/constant fatigue syndrome. I trust in the Lord Jesus for grace and strength to survive from day to day. He provides me with this and more and I therefore like to try and encourage others with the same illness. I am married and I am the proud mother of two grown sons.

34 thoughts on “The Flying Dutchman

  1. It is that “touch” of the Savior that I long for as well, Mia. You’ve described this desperate need in all of us so well, and reminded us that the only One who can heal our broken hearts and bind up our wounds is Jesus! Blessings to you, sweet sister!

  2. All we can rely on, trust on, turn on … is HIM!!! So much breaks through our lives and over and over again. Also, I have a Lion of Judah flag on my front porch. In our present day world, my heart is filled with sorrow. So many turn around and around… and don’t recognize where they should be with our Lord. Bless you…

  3. I love how your stories reveal our Father’s truths and keep me captivated as if watching the scenes live. Happy Thanksgiving and may our Father bless you and yours abundantly.

  4. Mia – I continue to be amazed by the pairing of your photos & the story that you weave. The story of God’s grace & rescue. Thankful today for the encouragement you give so many.

  5. Oh how painful your story tells of paradise lost, but then comes the Lion of Judah to save those who call on His name. Beautiful story and thank you for sharing here at “Tell Me a Story.”

  6. This reminds me so much of where I’m reading in the Bible, Mia. You paint with words a warning of God’s punishment on those who reject Him and offer “strokes” of encouragement with your pen to those of us who seek Him and want to “soar on wings like eagles.” Love that verse and needed to be reminded of God’s promise to those who wait, my friend. Hugs to you!

  7. “But King Aslan, the Infinite Word, the Creator of all, accompanied by His angelic hosts, parted the raging storms around these drowning, despised ones and safely led them onto dry land.” Hallelujah for salvation!

  8. Our God of second changes, new beginnings, REBIRTH! Beautiful, hopeful words, Mia. Blessings to you this week…

  9. Lovely as ever, these words perfectly convey the comfort and awe of our salvation. So many today are “flying high on the winds of deceit”…. I pray they will also find the Savior.
    Thanks for linking up at Recommendation Saturday!
    Heart Hugs, Shelly ❤

  10. Yes, this! “They were deceived by the evangelical humanistic promises that they were able to be captains of their own souls and swallowed this satanic bait hook, line and sinker.”

    Oh that we may not give into the belief that we need to be captains of our own souls! For it is in surrendering to Christ that life becomes strong, powerful and good.

  11. Mia, you paint pictures with your words, images that sear into my soul. This was one of my favorite posts of yours. (I also liked that it featured one of my very favorite people, King Aslan!) We are so very blessed, so very privileged that we will not be forever lost in the maelstrom of sin and futility. Rescued.

    Such a wonder-full word.


  12. Hi Mia! I am coming over from Friday Five.

    Your words are as powerful as ever, my friend. But those photos just did me in. I actually gasped when I saw some of them. The whole post is really a celebration of being chosen, even though we are seen as nothing. But the evil one is really convincing sometimes, and blows us all off course.

    Very powerful.

  13. Words are not enough to express how beautiful you write down and share the message of the Lord dear Mia! I am so grateful to Him because “He unlocked the doors of their (my) captivity and transformed their (my) infirmities into the wings of angels.” Sending you love and hugs my dearest sister!!!!

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