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Lady Wisdom


God’s Thoughts to Me

Wisdom has built her house; she has carved its seven columns. She has prepared a great banquet, mixed the wines, and set the table (Proverbs 9:1-2, NLT).

Banquet of Grace


In the year 33 AD the King of Love paid the full blood ransom for the freedom of a dying world who was held captive in the evil clutches of the prince of darkness.

This imposter was a cruel monster who held the keys of death. Bruised, broken and baptized in His own blood, the King gave His Spirit into His Father’s hand.

With His last breath, He broke the curse of sin and death and defeated the foe who held humanity enslaved in the fetters of destruction.


His last breath exploded delightfully through the universe into grace and forgiveness, twinkling like fairy dust of love, inviting all to the marriage feast of the Lamb.

He reconciled Himself to those He loved with endless love, not counting their sins and transgressions against Him anymore, welcoming all His lost ones back into His loving Embrace.

But like a roaring lion, the dark one disguised himself as an immoral woman … a seductress … a woman called Folly.


She was flirting with the naive who lacked common sense and wisdom, sitting in the doorway of her house of ill repute.

Her lewd voice was like a hypotonic song, seducing men into her poisonous web.

She was dressed in robes of sensuality and lured them with sly words into her house for a night of passion while leading them to their graves with her caresses.

She has spread her bed with a beautiful blanket of wealth and prosperity. She has perfumed her linen with the deadly religious perfume of myrrh, aloes and cinnamon.


She intoxicated them with the poisonous wine she has mixed from hatred and deceit.

But the beautiful Lady Wisdom raises her voice at the crossroads of every soul, urging all with ears to hear to follow her on the Way of Grace.

She was appointed in ages past before creation to lead the childlike out of this trap of death and darkness into the Kingdom of Light and Love.


She was the architect at the side of the Creator, His constant delight. She has forever been singing songs of joy over the those He created for His glory.

Much love and sweet blessings xx


Linking-up with the gracious Lisa-Jo and all the wonderful ladies at my Tea Time and Link-Up page.



I live in a small seaside town on the south-east coast of South Africa. I suffer from fybromyalgia/constant fatigue syndrome. I trust in the Lord Jesus for grace and strength to survive from day to day. He provides me with this and more and I therefore like to try and encourage others with the same illness. I am married and I am the proud mother of two grown sons.

61 thoughts on “Lady Wisdom

  1. My blog sister I just read on Floyd site that you are down. Of course my first thought was “down with fibro”. So sorry to hear you are down for what ever reason. I am taking you to the Lord as soon as I hit the comment button.

    1. Dearest Betty
      Thank you so much, my friend, but I can assure you that Pappa’s power and grace are always enough. I always tell my husband that Pappa will NEVER take me where His grace cannot keep me and that is so true!
      Blessings XX

  2. One of my main functions is to focus on the Lord’s Wisdom. In our present-day [or anyday-] world, is highly filled with LACK of Him and His Wisdom. Gotta focus on Him over and over again.

    Good thinking, good sharing.

    1. Dear Joanne
      Our world is so lost in the deception of self-sufficiency, that true wisdom starts when we go to our Pappa with childlike faith and complete dependance and truly trust Him and Him alone to supply in all our needs!
      Blessings XX

    1. Dear Rachel
      Thanks! By the way, you are by far my favorite blogger! Even my husband who is an avid reader loves reading your work.
      Blessings XX

  3. So poetic! I loved this line: “But the beautiful Lady Wisdom raises her voice at the crossroads of every soul, urging all with ears to hear to follow her on the Way of Grace.” May all our loved ones recognize the voice of Wisdom when they reach that crossroad!

    1. Dear Jerralea
      A.W. Tozer once said that when we hand over to Jesus those we love, they are safe for eternity. That gave me incredible peace over my loved ones even when it looks as if they are totally lost. I don’t think people gave Samson a chance to be redeemed, yet he was.
      Blessings XX

  4. Thank you for your lovely portrayal of Lady Wisdom and her enemy Lust and the war between them. Your word picture of Jesus baptized in his own blood was vivid. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell Me a Story.”

    1. Dear Hazel
      What many do not know was that our Lord was completely naked when He was crucified to clothe us with His robe of righteousness!
      Blessings XX

    1. Dear Sheila
      Thanks, my friend. I think it has a lot to do with my love for fairy tales. I love looking at the Disney movies of fairy tales with my niece of 2!
      Blessings XX

  5. “But the beautiful Lady Wisdom raises her voice at the crossroads of every soul, urging all with ears to hear to follow her on the Way of Grace.”

    You write with such a beautiful voice, Mia. I’m so thankful that we have access to that Wisdom in us all the time. God is good!

  6. Amazing imagery as always, Mia. This reminds me of something I’ve been contemplating a lot lately, that “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” I don’t quite comprehend all that the fear of God encompasses, but this reminds me that I definitely want to tune out “Folly” and only respond to the voice of Wisdom by following her to the “way of grace.” Just beautiful!

    1. Dear Beth
      I think when we start to realize that Jesus is God’s answer to a list world, we are beginning to experience the first rays of wisdom!
      Blessings xx

    1. Dear Kim
      That is so true, dear one. Everything is only in our Lord Jesus. All God’s promises are a yes and amen in Him alone.
      Blessings XX

  7. Mia, you are such a talented wordsmith and painter of pictures! How well you depict the struggle over satan’s wiles and the victory of grace personified in our Lord defeating the allure of darkness, sin and shame. You succeed in bringing familiar biblical passages alive with fresh meaning and depth. I love how you tackle this topic and how much you manage to squeeze out in five minutes – pure artistry! Blessings and love Xx 🙂

    1. Dear Joy
      I am always very worried when I write anything in Jesus’ name for He said that people who teach or talk on His behalf will be held accountable before Him. So I write only from a place where I experience His peace!
      Blessings XX

  8. “She was appointed in ages past before creation to lead the childlike out of this trap of death into the Kingdom of Grace.”
    I love the idea that grace had been provided all along, thank god for this provision.

    1. Dear Lesha
      It is beautiful how we get to know Wisdom as a woman at God’s side since eternity. She was the yardstick for His creation.
      Blessings XX

  9. The perfect sacrifice of love for His creation. The fallen flesh and it’s gift of free will struggle in the darkness reaching for The Light. Powerful words, my friend.

    1. Dear Floyd
      It is pure grace that we ever find Him, dear friend! If He didn’t draw us in the first place, we will all forever be lost in darkness!
      Blessings XX

  10. Hi Mia! The powerful call to selfishness is always there, right along side of the call to wisdom. I pray that the mercy and love of God will urge me on to wisdom! It’s always a struggle.
    Peace to you, Mia!

    1. Dear Ceil
      Yes, it is not easy to go against the flow of the world’s ways and to realize that true wisdom starts with the fear of the Lord.

  11. Beautiful words, Mia. And I always love how you weave just the perfect pictures into your story. If there’s one thing I want to have in my life as I get older, it’s to be wiser.


    1. Hi Wanda
      I don ‘t think we will ever be able to understand the magnitude of God’s grace while we are here on earth. Words, no matter how beautiful, can do Him justice.
      Blessings XX

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