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God vs Goodies


God’s Thoughts to Me

The Christian understands God as the unique source of all good and himself as absolutely needy in relation to Him (Karl Barth).

So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him (Luke 11:13, NLT).

“Why do you call Me good?” Jesus asked. “Only God is truly good” (Mark 10:18, NLT).

God’s Good Father Heart


There was a time when I used to have a totally inflated opinion about anyone carrying a lofty title like pastor, bishop, reverend, priest, prophet, evangelist and so forth.

I had a unique way of acting in the presence of any “man from God”. I think when we want to be honest, most of us are quite familiar with that hushed, pious tone of voice, quoting as much Scripture as possible.

We subtly recite our latest list of “good” deeds, using only high-sounding language, lavishly laced with all the latest religious jargon.


In other words and just plain good old English: I was a humongous hypocrite trying very hard to impress our Pappa through this person!

And mentally I was tallying everything I should rather not talk about in this holy man’s presence. Oh, why do we do this kind of nonsense? But I had an even bigger problem.

Whenever I read Jesus’ words to the religionists who had a big goody-bag to hand out nice thingies like bread instead of stones, or an egg instead of a scorpion to their children, I thought that I had found the key to unlock the storehouses of heaven.


My religious mindset was deceived into believing that being and doing good would result in health, wealth and prosperity.

Conveniently, I didn’t see the part where Pappa offers us His Spirit as His “good things”. Until it finally dawned on me that goodness according to the world’s and religious standards differs greatly from the goodness of God.

Paul does not beat around the bush when He tells us that no good thing dwells in man and there is no one who truly does good (Romans 3:11-12).


In the Garden of Eden Adam already thought he could decide for himself what good and evil were. I don’t think he realized that evil existed only in the absence of God, for goodness is the exclusive attribute of God.

We, as mere mortals, are incapable of exhibiting the righteous, good character of our Pappa. When we look at the Law, we see that it is an expression of His character and His alone.

We are created as derivative creatures and we derive our spirituality from one of two sources: either the evil one, or our heavenly Father! In the Garden Adam had one of two choices: believing God or lending out his ears to Satan.


Only in the absence of God’s goodness, do we find evil … in the absence of His love, hate … in the absence of His life, death … truth, lies … light, darkness. He alone is the preserver of life, content, personal and relational!

How absurd to think that we can somehow formulate a prayer as a sort of discipline or work with which we can get our Pappa to cater to our desires through our persistent nagging.

I sometimes wonder what happened to, “Into your Hands I commit my spirit. Father, glorify your Name!”.


When we trust a law of prayer, especially when we put our hope in a proper prayer technique or words, we are back to trusting ourselves!

Those dear ones who are illiterate or those who don’t have a Bible, cannot pray the words from the Bible back to their Pappa; a new bandwagon on the religious scene!

They do not have the “advantage” of their educated brethren of using the written words of their God as a talisman to charm their Pappa into compliance.


I often cannot even think two straight thoughts in a row due to Fibrofog, never mind remembering the rules of prayer. At such times, I can only sigh in His Presence.

Before the Truth had set me free of this folly, my inability to pray “important” prayers, would usually send me on a major guilt trip!

Oh, what a joy when His freedom dawned on me and I realized that in order to receive the good things of God, His sweet Holy Spirit, I only had to ask!! So simple … so uncomplicated … so incredibly childlike!


Our Pappa God is the greatest friend of mankind. He loves us with an everlasting love. He knows all our needs and mostly ignores our greeds. Even “No” is sometimes the best answer!

When we are willing to rely on Him, and on nothing or no one else, as our sole provider, we are finally able to go to Him, empty-handed and without any religious garb.

James Fowler describes it so beautifully where he says, “I cannot; only You can. I have not; only You have. I seek; only You can supply”.


Our Pappa’s father heart rejoices whenever His children come to Him, assured of and trusting His unconditional love and shamelessly, yet desperately admit their total dependence on His goodness, His love, His grace, actually, on Him and Him alone!

Much love and sweet blessings









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I live in a small seaside town on the south-east coast of South Africa. I suffer from fybromyalgia/constant fatigue syndrome. I trust in the Lord Jesus for grace and strength to survive from day to day. He provides me with this and more and I therefore like to try and encourage others with the same illness. I am married and I am the proud mother of two grown sons.

20 thoughts on “God vs Goodies

  1. Oh, what a joy when His freedom dawned on me and I realized that in order to receive the good things of God, His sweet Holy Spirit, I only had to ask!! So simple … so uncomplicated … so incredibly childlike! Oh love this Mia, great post!! We simply need to ask!

    1. Dear Jennifer
      Oh, my friend, we have made the sweet, simple Gospel of Jesus into something so complex that it is only the grace of Pappa that can find us amongst all these rules and laws!
      Blessings and love

  2. Sensational post, Mia. Our Father isn’t a Genie in a Bottle. He holds the cosmos in His hand and knows exactly what we need and when we need it and like little children, as you said, sometimes “no” is the best thing for us. Our greatest gifts are the ones that we receive on the inside and the we or the world can’t begin to measure them by merely physical means. Well done, wise one.

    1. Dear Floyd
      Yes, this is so true. Our Pappa loves giving us all His spiritual gifts!! And the world cannot understand this. Wisdom and discerment, dear friend, is only another gift from His hand for in the flesh I can be quite dull and slow of understanding spiritual truths.
      Blessings to you

  3. Wow! That was so thoroughly God and his heart! You said this so well, and the pictures too. Beautiful Mia! Even Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father interceding for us day and night. Even those who don’t know him or call him Abba Father, cry out to him in the night! Beautifully written, Mia..
    Hugs friend,

    1. Dear Kelly
      Yes, dear one, we all were created with the yearning to know our God. And when everything is dark around us, who else can we trust but our Pappa!
      Much love

  4. As a clergy wife, this is something I wish weren’t true, the way people change their tone with me and my husband. We’re just people too. And Jesus wants all of us, not just our dressed up, polished language, doesn’t he?

    1. Dear Shelly
      I truly feel so sorry for you guys. I was thinking of you when I wrote this and wondered how you handle this. I am sure it is very uncomfortable.
      Much love

    1. Dear Janis
      It is quite humbling to realize that no good can be found in us. Paul found that out in Romans 7.
      Bless you, dear friend

  5. Mia, you have expressed the wonder of God’s goodness. Only after we have spent time with Him do we begin to see that his goodness is different from human ideas. How blessed we are to have guidance from the Holy Spirit.
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Dear Carol
      Amen to that! Before we have spent time with Him, we can often think we can do something good for Him. But anything good we do can only comes from His grace
      Much love.

  6. Mia, I love how you pointed out that only in the absence of God do we find evil – an incredible truth that glorifies God! Thank you for writing so diligently and clearly pointing to the absolute goodness of God and our need for Him! Blessings to you, Mia!

    1. Dear Jacqui
      Truly, all good is only to be found in Him. I don’t think our finite minds can actually understand the beauty, wonder and goodness that is God.
      much love

  7. The goodness of God! I have learned so much about that as I have learned about grace this past year. God is so good and gentle and kind, I am in awe sometimes at how He works in the lives of His lost sheep, in our greed, and in our brokenness. Blessings to you Mia!

    1. Dear Rachael
      Yes, not even our greed is able to prevent our Lord Jesus to fulfill the good work He has begun in us. His goodness is truly amazing!
      much love

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