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The End of The Fig Leaf Fashion


God’s Thoughts to Me

He died for everyone so that those who receive His new life will no longer live for themselves. Instead, they will live for Christ, who died and was raised for them (2 Corinthians 5:15 , NLT).

Christ is writing a letter in you each day,
The message, that is Him, must be true,
‘Tis the only Jesus men may see
The life of Christ expressed as and through you.
(Author unknown)

A Letter Being Written


Sigmund Freud spoke of a childish king, reigning in the hearts of SELF in the Kingdom called ME.

He wittily labelled this little pompous tyrant ruling in our hearts, “His Majesty, The Baby”. I would like to add another childish ruler, Her Majesty, Queen Self.

These two tyrants used to hold the reigns of  my life. Queen Self fought valiantly to retain her crown and the throne of her Kingdom of Self.


She was smartly dressed in all the latest fig leaf  fashion of religious teachings she embraced with such delight.

Whenever she read Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, she used to think that serving her God was just business as usual, albeit with another emphasis.

Her thinking told her that God Almighty is so good and aloof that she dare not approach Him without being the best performing religious artist of all times!


She loved titivating and dressing-up in her law-keeping Sunday best before she considered herself worthy enough to go to her Pappa.

The monarch reigning in my heart, drove me like a slave, forcing me to build with bricks of straw like the Israelites in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Just like the Pharaoh in the time of Moses, she didn’t provide any straw for she was convinced that “I” was perfectly able to do everything necessary to build her Tower of Babel as well as producing the building material!


I totally misunderstood the meaning of Paul’s words and was convinced that living for Christ only meant working hard to ensure that I stay on the narrow road of life once I had been saved by grace.

Yes, Her Majesty, Queen Self was convinced she could safeguard her redemption through the deceptive lust of her flesh to become righteous on her own steam.

We often see the lust of the flesh just as those overtly sinful deeds like murder, rape, corruption and the like.

Yet, the other side of this coin, includes all those deceptive, noble, good religious deeds we are so fond of doing and are so proud of.


I was being chained in captivity to the Western theological mindset which is very scared of allowing grace to function freely and unrestrained in every individual believer.

This kind of reasoning considers the freedom of grace quite a risky, dangerous business. Something at best to be avoided at all cost.

I imprisoned the sweet Holy Spirit in church structures … I encased Him in my understanding of the Scriptures … I relegated His redemption to a judicial courtroom in Heaven.

So I had a cupboard full of the most beautiful religious robes made of self-effort; all in different colors and styles, according to the newest designs of the religious fashion houses.

My valiant efforts to be noble, humble, truthful and righteous, adorned me with garish fake jewelry, glittering like the brightest rubies and diamonds!


This selfish lady expected our Lord Jesus to revolve around her needs and wants.  She never spared a thought for the possibility of living for Him alone.

Doing that would certainly rob her of her kingdom’s false security by allowing her life to revolve around the Son of Heaven.

She was so wary of the rays of His love shining bright and beautiful from His glorious countenance into the cold darkness of her heart.

But, my stupidity posed no threat to our Pappa. Through the teachings of men like James Fowler and Michael Clark, He dethroned that despot.

That cruel monarch reigning over my life with his iron fist of deception, keeping me chained to the slave of self.


Of course I never succeeded in covering those two lackeys, shame and guilt, who endlessly pestered Her Majesty, Queen Self, with terrible accusations of worthlessness, fear, rejection, self-condemnation and the whole enchilada.

Our Pappa offered me a new way, a new robe, a new heart on which He writes the Gospel of Grace and Love.

He taught me the wonderful freedom of living for our Lord Jesus by allowing Him to live His life in me, as me and through me.


He destroyed all my filthy rags of SELF and gently clothed me with the Beautiful Robe of His love.

He covered all my shame with His blood that purchased my freedom from the kingdom of the evil one … He paid the ransom for my redemption from Her Majesty, Queen Self.

Much love and sweet blessings xx


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I live in a small seaside town on the south-east coast of South Africa. I suffer from fybromyalgia/constant fatigue syndrome. I trust in the Lord Jesus for grace and strength to survive from day to day. He provides me with this and more and I therefore like to try and encourage others with the same illness. I am married and I am the proud mother of two grown sons.

22 thoughts on “The End of The Fig Leaf Fashion

  1. I love this story–such great words of wisdom in it. Unfortunately, those monarchs rule in so many lives. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    1. Dear Nancy
      We do have our bright moments when our Lord open our eyes to see, don’t we!!! I am glad you were encouraged.

  2. Dear Sweet Mia I love how you weave words. I am right with you on this path and running to let go of my old tattered rags and reach up for His robe. wonderful imagery!

    1. Dear Jean
      I am so grateful that Pappa does open our eyes to see how naked we truly are without our Lord. Oh that our eyes might be opened to see.
      Much love

  3. Oh that wicked Queen Self! I’m beyond thankful that through the shed blood of Christ, her beautifully deceptive gown was replaced by His robe of righteousness. Pure redemption!
    Mia, you’ve been on my heart so much lately. I’ve been praying and trusting our Abba to strengthen and encourage you with His sweet and powerful presence. Your beautiful writing is such a tribute to your humble adoration of Him. You are a great blessing to me and so many others, my dear friend.
    Blessings and much love ~ Mary

    1. Dear Mary
      Thank you, dear friend, for all your kindness. Yes, her gown is truly deceptive! Oh, the joy of being clothed in Jesus’ Robe of Righteousness.
      Much love

    1. Dear Jen
      Oh yes, I am so grateful for the sweet redemption from that Queen of self. Nothing beats the liberty we enjoy in Him.
      much love

  4. Dear Mia,
    So very grateful for how God delivers us from the kingdom of self …what freedom in His love and grace…Thank you for your gracious words 🙂 Love to you 🙂

    1. Dearest Dolly
      That is a nasty place to be, that cruel kingdom of self. But praise be to our Pappa for setting us free.
      Much love

  5. We must be from the same blood line of self… Thanks goodness He adopted us into that which we couldn’t earn. Only His love and grace is enough to cover our iniquities. What a perfectly told story of love… and redemption. Adoption into the bloodline of our Father brings brings us into a royal bloodline that is known for it’s humility…

    Absolutely awesome post, Mia. Deep sigh of truth…

    1. Hi Floyd
      Yes, brother, we are all from the bloodline of the first Adam. But just until the second Adam sets us free and adopt us into His family. Thanks for all your kind comments.
      Blessings to you

  6. What a beautiful story of redemption. How great is this new life we are so incredibly blessed to live! Mia, your words continue to inspire me. 🙂

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