The Bare Necessities


God’s Thoughts to Me

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs are the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3, NIV).

The Wisdom of Poverty

In the jungle of Disneyland lives a wise fellow, Balloo the bear. He has a life philosophy from which we all can learn: the bare necessities of life.

He has a good friend, Bagheera, the panther, who is quite a serious one, forever concerned about performance, responsibilties and accomplishments.


And my thoughts wander back to a certain rich young man who knew nothing of bare necessities. A very rich young man whose wealth didn’t only exist of material, worldly things, but another much more dangerous foe.

He staked his favor in the eyes of our Pappa on his long list of impeccable law observance, or so he thought! Yet, the core of his humanness was still bankrupt.


So he approached the Light of the World … Love personified … the only Way and Truth and eternal Life, our Lord Jesus, enquiring what he still needed to do to inherit eternal life. As if the life of our Lord was sort of a bartering commodity, a payment for services rendered.

And I wondered how often do we have a list of accomplishments we offer to our Lord and Heavenly Father, only to hear His friendly voice asking us to go and sell all we consider important and to come with only the bare necessities for following our Lord Jesus: the blessedness of a poor spirit, a humble and contrite heart, fully aware of our need for redemption and His life.


May we go and sell all we own to come to our Lord with empty hands and empty hearts … humble and meek … the bare necessities to receive Him who is our Life.

Much love xx


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19 thoughts on “The Bare Necessities

  1. Mia, I absolutely love everything about this post, from beginning to end, from Balloo to blessedness of a poor spirit. Thank you for this awesome reminder of the barest of the bare necessities required of us.

    • Dear Tanya
      What always amazes me is that even this kind of poverty has to be a gift from His hand. We can be quite stubborn and obstinate when it comes to knowing how much we need ALL good gifts from Him!
      Much love

  2. Dear wifey, who would’ve thought that I could learn such a lot from my favorite Disney character of all time, Balloo? You really have a way of turning the ordinary into something extraordinary! Love you lots xxx

  3. It’s such an upside down concept, isn’t it. To go to Him empty. that’s the best gift of all. We all strive to be like the wise men, bringing our very best, when really, our very best is what God gave us to begin with. Our bare selves…

    great thoughts, Mia! enjoyed pondering this with you!

  4. Dear Mia, I just heard this song the other day with my youngest and was trying to explain what the bare necessities are. Yes, to be poor in spirit, to entrust all we are and have to him. Such good and hard in this constant laying down…and I still have much to learn about being truly poor in spirit.

    • Hi dear Ashley
      Just like everything else I have come to the conclusion that tipo be poor in spirit is also a gift of grace from His hand. Oh , that we would see this rather sooner than later!
      Much love

    • Hi AliaJoy
      I would love to listen to that podcast! Yes, dear one, only when we stop trying to trust our own strength, is He finally able to bring us to that place of blessed dependence!
      Much love

  5. This is such a profound truth you’ve written about…and one that I constantly need God to sink in deeper and deeper into my heart till I live it out and love it out in my life…Thank you, dear Mia…praying God continues to sustain you and give you joy in the midst of your fibro.

    • Dear Dolly
      It takes our Pappa quite a while to take us to where we stand before Him with only the bare necessities, but He is so patient. Thanks for all your encouraging words always. It really means so much to me.
      Much love

    • Dear Markus
      I knew you were going to be thrilled by this one!! I couldn’t wait to see your reaction! I am glad you linked your post for it says so much more!
      Much love

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