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The Scales of Life


God’s Thoughts to Me

The Lord detests the use of dishonest scales, but He delights in accurate weights (Proverbs 11:1, NLT).

Instantly something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and He regained His sight (Acts 9:18, NLT).

Dishonest Scales

imageMy husband is a master mimicker and has brought us endless entertainment and many tears of belly-aching laughter through the years, mimicking the guides at the snake park in Port Elizabeth. My precious, black fellow countrymen speak English and Afrikaans VERY dramatically! Priceless!

Everytime he is compelled by someone’s nagging to do his snake-park-guide act once more, I enjoy myself all over again as if it is the first time that I am part of his audience. This time I am expectantly waiting for all my favorite cliches and funny twists!

A closer look at this magnificent species, gave me a new appreciation of how they tell us much more about the human race than what we would care to believe.

After all, this is the creature that baptized the whole human race into destruction and death! Or was it now Eve’s or Adam’s fault? Oh, well, we all have this tendency to blame everyone and everything around us for our faults and flaws, even if it just lies dormant!


We all enter this world with the propensity towards sin and shame like the scales of a baby snake, which are all already in place, yet undeveloped.

Our undeveloped, innocent frame of reference is soon raised and fed on the lie telling us that richer, bigger, better, stronger, more talented or intelligent, prettier, slimmer, etc, etc, etc, are the ingredients for a life of success, acceptance, love and respect.


We soon realize that the scales the world uses to measure a person’s worth requires a lot of self-effort and weight from our side to balance the scale. And the majority of our poor souls just do not have what it takes. Add to this mixture a chronic debilitating disease like Fm/ME , and you are heading towards becoming a monstrous, disastrous  failure!

So, we protect our hearts with layer after layer of scales … scales hiding us from the intensity of the fire of shame … scales to hide the incredible pain of rejection … scales to replace our unworthiness with pretense.

A snake’s scales protect its body … aid in locomotion … allow moisture to be retained … and acts as camouflage against the predators of this world.


In the same manner, we soon learn how to hide behind the beauty of scales which we present to the world as the truth to protect ourselves, to help us along on this Road called Life, to retain just the measure of sanity that we think we still possess. But all to no avail. Life catches up with us all.

Sooner or later we all meet the end of ourselves when we take a serious, thorough inventory of our hearts. Usually, what we find is not pleasing to us or our Pappa God.


The song of our life is sung on the scales of falsehood and despondency. When we reach this crossroad of life and cry out to our Heavenly Father, He is finally able, like Saul, to remove the scales from our eyes.

Oh, and then … yes, then, there is the One who waits for us at the end of our Road called Life … the One who does not condemn … the One who forgives … transforms … heals … loves unconditionally … measures with balanced scales and accepts us with wide open arms into His Loving Embrace.

Much love xx


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I live in a small seaside town on the south-east coast of South Africa. I suffer from fybromyalgia/constant fatigue syndrome. I trust in the Lord Jesus for grace and strength to survive from day to day. He provides me with this and more and I therefore like to try and encourage others with the same illness. I am married and I am the proud mother of two grown sons.

12 thoughts on “The Scales of Life

  1. oh, for His grace to see ourselves as He does…praying with you that God remove any scales from my heart and eyes so I can see Him clearly, myself, and others…hugs to you, dear Mia…praying you are feeling better.

    1. Dear Dolly friend
      Yes, we need grace upon grace to not hide behind many scales of lies and then even more grace to accept ourselves as we are, run to Pappa so that He can do the sanctifying.
      Much love to you, dear one

  2. Hi Danelle
    I am so grateful that our Lord transforms the natural into the beautiful scales of heaven! Lovely seeing you again, dear one!
    Much love XX

  3. “. . the scales of falsehood and despondency”. This really got to me. There is truth here that our natural melody finds this scale. And then. . God.
    Oh yes friend.

  4. Hi Jennifer
    Thank you for your encouraging words! Isn’t it wonderful when our Pappa removes all the scales we have been hiding behind and leads us into freedom!! I am honored by your visit!
    Much love XX

  5. Hi dear Ugochi
    I cannot agree more. Our Pappa has no problem with our honesty, but detest hypocrisy! It is better to play open cards with Him asking Him to change us through His life. Thanks, dear one, for visiting!
    Much love

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