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Chasing Shadows of Sin


God’s Thoughts to Me

For His unfailing love toward those who fear Him is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth. He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west. (Psalm 103:11-12, NLT)

How Far is The East from The West?

World Map

Today, on the first Freshly Brewed Sunday of December, my mind reaches far back into the recesses of my thoughts …. into the archives of my memories.

I am trying to find the genesis of a journey I have travelled far too long!!! The journey of trying to chase my sins….to bring each and everyone to our Pappa….begging His forgiveness.

And then, off I went again..
and again…and again
around….and around
and around…
the world, chasing and searching

Today, i know I was haunted by a terrible religious spirit….forever whispering damnable lies to my heart….doing a mighty fine job of convincing me that our Pappa might just look at me with approval if, and only if, I brought all my sins to His throne of wrath!!

Yet, our Pappa, mercifully, brought me to my own Timbuktu… own oasis of joy in the desert. He allowed a chronic illness to stop me in my tracks! Then, at the darkest night of my soul, His Light bursted forth…illuminating the darkest, hidden places of insecurity and shame in my heart. He flooded my soul with His forgiveness and I knew …. truly knew …. He loves me.

He brought to my mind the time when my Andreas, my youngest, was only a wee little lad. He accidentally broke a fragile ornament and apologized over….and over….and over again. I just gathered him into my arms, smothered him with my love, assuring him that it doesn’t matter. He is forgiven, totally, completely.

Oh, the joy of knowing and experiencing His forgiveness and His freedom! It is truly precious beyond words! I am eternally grateful that our Pappa showed me how far the east is from the west and for ushering me into His eternal rest.

Have a blessed wonder-filled Sunday.


Thank you, Barbie, again for your linky place where we can share a special verse from Scripture. Come join us at Fresh Brewed Sundays.


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I live in a small seaside town on the south-east coast of South Africa. I suffer from fybromyalgia/constant fatigue syndrome. I trust in the Lord Jesus for grace and strength to survive from day to day. He provides me with this and more and I therefore like to try and encourage others with the same illness. I am married and I am the proud mother of two grown sons.

6 thoughts on “Chasing Shadows of Sin

  1. Oh this sounds like me, constantly bringing past sin back to Daddy to clean me up again. You are right in that it is much harder to forgive myself and move on. I often wonder why? I am so thankful that He casts my sin as far as the East is from the West, as soon as I ask His forgiveness. And He takes me in His arms and lavishes His love on me!

    1. Dear Barbie
      I truly think that only our Pappa knows us well enough to understand why we do what we do!! For me the battling to forgive myself has a lot to do with me having illusions about myself that surely I can do better!! How foolish.
      Bless you, sweet friend

  2. How far the east is from the west…that is a long way, but it is something that is hard for me to comprehend. Lovely post.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog several times lately. When I would click on your name, it would say that I wasn’t included in your circle, so I could never find your blog. I was so happy when I saw your picture at Barbie’s place today!

    Have a lovely Sunday evening!

    1. Dear Mary
      I don’t think we should try to find that out! Best, we just accept His goodness. I was an honor to stop by your blog. It is quite a charming blog to visit!
      Bless you

  3. Hi Mia,
    Daddy’s love and forgiveness for us is incredibly wholly complete. I too have asked for forgiveness for a sin over and over again until one day I finally got it. We need only repent once but if we repeat the sin we need to repent again.

    What an awesome Father we have!


    1. I truly don’t know how we sometimes can be so foolish. I have found it harder to forgive myself than to forgive others. Yes, I am sooo.. thankful for His forgiveness and patience with all our idiosyncrasies.
      Bless you

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