The Wonder of Imperfection


God’s Thoughts to Me

At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves. (Genesis 3:7, NLT)

The Wonder of His Love

My child, when I look at you
I sigh……
I see a broken world, an orphaned child
My rebellious one
Not knowing that I LOVE you

I see eyes filled with shame
Peeking through fig leaves
of futile efforts, futile dreams
…. and I long to cover you,
your vulnerable nakedness
with my Righteous Robe of Love

Ever since I formed you
I longed for just the slightest
stirring of affection
in your tender heart
for me….

Since I created you
My Heart only perceived
a little one..
a deceived one…
a broken one….
I see naked fear
lurking in your eyes

But…. I see wonder
the wonder of my love
waiting at the crossroads
of every heart….
I have a feast prepared
A Royal purple Robe
A betrothal ring

Do you feel my love
my outstretched arms
filled with longing
gently drawing you
with wordless wonder
into my Embrace


Today I am linking up again with Lisa-Jo and the Five Minute Ladies for the last time in 2012

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31 thoughts on “The Wonder of Imperfection

  1. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my Five min. Friday. I am a bit delayed in visiting and commenting back, as I was not feeling well. Wanted to read what you wrote and comment. Very deep words and an intriguing read. I love Five Min. Fridays! Hope to see you again at Lisa Jo’s in the New year!

    • Hi Rebekah
      I am honored by your visit. Thank you. Yes, FMF is a wonderful bunch of ladies and I enjoy it just as much! I hope you are better now. I am encouraged by your kind words.
      Hugs XX

  2. Hi Stefanie
    Not as beautiful as your smile!!! Yes, when we tread softly into His presence, we hear His words of love, at times just whispering sweet nothings of love to our hearts…and that….just because!
    I know you hear Him, sweet friend, and it brings joy to my heart!
    Blessings to you

  3. Hi Debbie
    I am glad and honored to have you as a visitor at my blog. Yes, your words contain a world of truth. I think Psalm 63:8 tells us that before we can even think of coming to our Pappa God, He has to uphold us with His right hand, drawing us to Him. I enjoyed your post very much, thank you!

  4. This is simply beautiful! I am so glad you left a comment on Heart Choices so I could come and find you. Mia, God is so good to seek us and draw us to Himself. Yes what a wonder!

    Blessings and love,

  5. Hi dear Barbie
    I love this!! You hearing our Pappa’s words. That is true wisdom and a gift. I cannot wait until next week for the Preparing your Heart link-up. such an important issue!
    Blessings and love to you.

  6. Mia, this might be my very favorite piece of yours that I’ve read. It reminds me so much of God’s call to his people throughout the Old Testament — to return to his love. I am crazy about this line: “I see wonder, the wonder of my love waiting at the crossroads of every heart.” Wow.

    • Hi dear Ashley
      That line is so true!! Don’t you think so? Every human at some time arrives at the crossroads of their lives where they have to choose which way to go. But the best of all is that if they reject our Pappa’s love, He just keep on loving them! I hope you enjoyed your little break.
      Blessings and hugs to you.

    • I am glad to hear that the words brought light to you and, remember, Monday is around the corner! I will be praying for you.
      Lots of hugs and blessings

    • Hi Danielle
      Wow, what a wonderful compliment, thank you sooo…. much! I think it is our Lord speaking to the depths of your heart, whispering His words of love to you! Nikki, from Simply Striving always says a wise thing… ” All for Him “.
      May our Pappa bless you with a wonder filled Xmas.

    • Hi dear Dolly
      Oh, the sweetness of His call always drawing us. I find that when I am busy and ignore Him for to long, He tugs the strings of my heart back to Him and I rush back to His Embrace. Thanks for your concern over my health. It means a lot to me.
      Bless you, sweet friend

    • Hi dear Phyllis
      It is so nice to see a photo of you. I believe that a heart can only cry out to God once God starts drawing us to Him and then The Devine Courtship between our Lord and a soul begins. Thanks for your visit!

    • Hi Nikki
      Thank you sooo.. much! Coming from you it means so much, for your writing sometimes make me want to put my pen down with its beauty and WISDOM. But then, as you say, all for His honor, praise and glory.
      Thanks, sweet friend
      Bless you

    • Hi Elizabeth
      Thank you do much. It love getting to know you too. Your words are a real encouragement! I sometimes sigh when I realize we often cause Him heartache!
      Have a wonder filled Xmas!

  7. We are so much like little children still. I thought your piece was beautiful and heart-provoking. I find such sweet rest in our Savior. That’s what I wrote about today. I am so grateful for His love!

    • Yes Jhona
      In some ways it is good to stay like children, being child like, not childish. But…alas…to often it is the last one. I loved your post on the sweet rest of our Lord.
      Bless you and have a wonder filled Xmas

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